Six In the Mix


It was getting a little crowded with 12 girls in the mix. Now that the regular season has whittled the original league down from 12 to 6, we can take a deep breath, re-focus, and recharge for the Girl-on-Girl Fantasy Play-Offs! It’s time for war!

The Vibe Raiders (my team) was knocked out of first place by an unrelenting shit-talking Vagiants. The Bears’ Alshon Jeffrey punched the Vagiant’s ticket to the promised land, scoring 42.3 freakin’ points. Although I had to give the first spot away to Team JoJo, who is on top (she seems most comfortable there) by a mere 8 points, I am happy to brag that with my overall 11 wins (only 2 losses), I nevertheless secured a first-round bye in the play-offs. Suck it Vagiants.

Itty Bitty Titty Committee locked up her play-off position a few games back, finishing at 8-5, but KAMS Siler Sisters needed to beat Itty Bitty in the final week to end the season at 8-5 and to prevent a tie breaker for a final play-off spot.

And it was quite a hold up for the other gal’s teams vying for the remaining wild cards. Coming into week 13 with 2 spots up in the air, KAMS, Itty Bitty, Teo’s Girl, Love Them Tight Ends, & Tittsburgh Feelers scratched each others’ eyes out for a coveted play-off position. By the end of the Sunday games, KAMS was a shoe in for the 5th spot with her win over Itty Bitty, but with 3 teams treading water, it all came down to Monday Night with New Orleans at Seattle. A win by Teo’s Girl meant she’d be in, but a loss would have kicked her out AND would have positioned a tie break between Tight Ends and Tittsburgh.

Tight Ends needed to win and score 101 points, while Tittsburgh needed Tight Ends to score less than 101.  With 5 minutes left in the game it came down to Tittsburgh needing 1.9 more points out of Tight Ends’ Golden Tate to send Teo’s Girl crying home and position herself for a tie-breaker. But it was not to be: Seattle was so far ahead they ran out the clock rather than pass to Tate, so Teo’s Girl pulled out the victory and the Tittsburgh/Tight Ends tie break never came into play. Instead, both Tittsburgh and Tight Ends fell short in a valiant last minute effort to make the play-offs. And as for Teo’s Girl … way to hang on.

In sum, the play-off positions go to:

1) Team JoJo (11-2);

2) Vibe Raiders (11-2);

3) Itty Bitty Titty Committee (8-5);

4) KAMS Siler Sisters (8-5);

5) the Vagiants (7-6);

6) Teo’s Girl (7-6).

Nice job girls! We fought our battles and scrambled to the top. Good luck (and I mean, seriously … good luck) these next few weeks! Remember, top three teams are in the money!

Here are some regular season highlights:

Top Scores throughout the Year:

  • ·         Team Back That Pass Up (151.2 points Week 1);
  • ·         Vibe Raiders (149.2 points Week 2); and
  • ·         Super Bowl Tacos (146.8 points Week 9)

Lowest Scores throughout the Year:

  • ·         Reverse Cowgirls (39 points Week 3);
  • ·         KAMS Siler Sisters (53.6 points Week 12); and
  • ·         Itty Bitty Titty Committee (53.6 points Week 7)

Total Points Fielded: Team JoJo hit ‘em high with 1466.4 points (average 122.2 points per game), quite impressive for a 12-team league (so says my husband). She certainly earned number 1.  

Total Points Allowed:  Tittsburgh Feelers 1,371.3 (114.3 per game). Ouch. No wonder she struggled to make the playoffs – she even scored more points than THREE of the playoff teams! How sick is she?! (So sick.) 

Regardless of where we’ve been and where we’ll go from here (I will win), it’s been super fun so far … a little needling, lots of laugh, plenty of booze to keep it loose. Stay tuned for the low-down on who pulls out the All-Girl Fantasy victory! (Me.)

3 thoughts on “Six In the Mix

  1. I’m a power top! I haven’t watched this much football (while cussing like a sailor) in my life. F you Patriots D and Randal! It gets confusing with half my team being Jacksons’ and Johnsons’. It fits since JoJo is short for Johanson. Too bad it can’t be a Sarah-Sarah final! Did you see our final points last game? Only a tenth of a point difference! Good luck ladies- and thank you Sarah for putting this together it has been a lot of fun.

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