Dressed for Success


This past weekend The Birthday Diaries hosted its First Annual Dressing–Off (Goal 29 check!), with the help of fantastically fun and amazing friends and neighbors. Thank you to everyone who hosted, participated, tasted, hazed the judges, danced, and partied. And beer-ponged. In fact, the dressing-off took on a whole new meaning once the beer pong ensued. Yes, I’m 40 and (apparently) still engage in beer pong …

In addition to the stuffing, we deep fried some turkeys and scoffed down many other splendid side dishes for a pre-Thanksgiving extravaganza. Quite a party, a little of which never killed nobody.

The ceremony featured nine contestants who graciously shared their versions of dressing. Three judges sampled the goods, and awarded three prizes – gifts certificates to BevMo (nothing exudes holiday cheer more than a free bottle of booze).

Get your hands up! First prize winners in each category:

  •          Taste – Ellery’s Sausage Stuffing (recipe below)
  •          Originality – The Chi-Rizo (spiced up nicely with chorizo sausage)
  •          Presentation – Corna-Stuffa-Copia (pictured – a handmade dough cornucopia surrounds the stuffing,       incredible!)

The other favorites include the “Original Classic,” made with olive bread crumbs and sautéed with celery and onion and “Stuff My Bra,” because the name is hilarious and they were yummily baked in muffin tins, to make individual servings (the perfect “stuffin’” size, too!).

Ellery’s Sausage Stuffing: “Taste” Winner

I asked the master, winner in the Taste category, for his recipe. He scratched out a few notes – nothing too official, just a guide, cuz that’s how he rolls.

So here’s what you need:

French bread loaf


Parmesan cheese

Garlic powder


Bell pepper


Spicy Italian sausage

And here’s what you do:

To make the bread crumbs, mix together the butter with Parmesan cheese and garlic powder, brush the bread with the butter mixture, toast up the bread, then cut into cubes.

Sautee the onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, and Italian sausage.

Throw it all in a crock pot and cook for four hours. Then forget the turkey; this dressing is all you need. Sooooo delicious.

3 thoughts on “Dressed for Success

  1. What a great party! Jim and I had a lot of fun in the kitchen creating our dishes. We were both stuffing virgins. Thanks for making our fist time so special.

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